Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby and Kittens

This year really a " new" year for Bro.Bayu. I would say 2011 is a "transition" year to me and my wife for several reasons. First, I would become a father end of this year, insyallah. Now she's about 3 months- pregnant. It is full of excitement. My wife and I keep arguing to choose the name for the baby. She wants a short name like hers and I love longer name like mine. hehehe. Ahmad Andrian Bayu (if the baby is 'he'), and Haifa or Delisya (if the baby is 'she')...We are still searching the best name for 'it'( I hope this is the correct pronouns for an unborn baby).

Second, either Kitam (mixed persian cat) or Konah (domestic cat) will insyallah deliver their babies also end of this year. Maybe it sounds funny to tell excitedly about the kittens who are not born yet. However, they are part of our family; Kci (mixed maine coon), Kitam and Konah. Their kittens mean a lot to me and my wife. We got some "family planning" too ,where I would sell or give the kittens for those who are interested to adopt cat (cause my balcony is too small for many cats..hehe). Don't worry I will just let them go when they are 2 months and ready enough to be separated with their mum, Kitam and Konah.

Apart from my baby's name, now I'm also thinking about what names should I gave to their kittens..? hehe


Afida Anuar said...

Bro bayuu..tahniahh..wahh dah nak jadi bapak!! Alhamdulillah..rezeki..

nnti nak suh baby tu panggil kak fida...Kak Fida jugak boleh? hahahah

PS: facebook dah koma la bro bayu..huhu

Reading Review said...

thanks akak....boleh, takde masalah..tapi takut nanti baby tu confused plak...nak panggil makcik ke akak..hehe...thg tunggu bila plak nak makan nasi minyak kat trenggannu..hehe