Thursday, December 27, 2007

Music and me part 5

we meet again..where was I?

oh "music" life at matriculation....well.... i play a role as a main vocalist in the nasyid group here...even though ..i got no experience (forget about the lousy audition...) but maybe there were no students who dare to show their talent...i still remember the first nasyid song that i sang at that time was "Selawat ke atas Nabi" by In Team....

i wasn't sure I had sung well or not because nobody comment about it....but one thing i always remember is..once i become a is like a big responsibility was burdening myself at that time.....i have to become a very kind, polite boy....every mistakes that i did even though it was a small issue and matter would be viewed as something that cannot be forgiven...

I needed to accept it...i have started life as a nasyid singer....and i won't stop just because of that challenge....The steps that i had been taken made a gateway to next level of my life in the varsity, UPM.........


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Music and me part 4

Well, perhaps I was a rhetoric man because of the statement of indication that i've made before. But i always believe that there always be a second chance in life. God is fair. HE is the Lord of justice...

(sigh)...i used to feel frustrated towards music because i felt insulted..humiliated...being fooled by the people who involved in should not be blamed because of this.....

So, my matriculation study made my new life for me, in life is totally changed...from a person who always being oppressed by the irresponsible people in music to the top person in who always being appreciated because of his talent in music. hmmm...from zero to hero.

I will continue later.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya 'IdulAdha


After three posts of "music and me".. I think, I need a rest.
Before I start blogging, I would like to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA "Idul all people who aways visit my blog loyally

Mostly, except fore those who live at Kelantan and Terengganu, this celebration is not much more celebrated..but this is not the issue...

How you define the element of sacrifice and offering that we always mention when Hari Raya "idul adha comes?
How it affects your life? and is this celebration significant in your life?

Do not mumble it or do a monologue to give your opinion. Yet, please comment this post to express your thought, perception, perspective and anything about Hari Raya "idul Adha...

Your participation in this blog is warmly welcomed.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Music and me part 3

The result was negative.....they should not treat me like that. At least , they told me the reasons why i wasn't accepted.....hey,...i'm a good singer. but...who else want to listen to my whisper. HMM...this audition made me frustated and gave up to be a nasyid singer......

(sigh) more tamarind juice, weird routines, and heavy disciplines. MUSIC!!! you made myself in disaster...i was ashamed after failing to be part of the team...the elit team (moaning....)..i won't feel your lyrics...mingle with your soul and taste your rhythm..... I WILL NOT.....EVER!!!

because you made me such an idiot man....desperate are USELESS?

(surprisingly, now you like to sing and you use to say..."hey, music is a part of my life..".yet...this post show the ironic situation). know what happen to me? Why I did not keep the promise? was I a rhetoric man?....wait it's sequel where i'm going to explain all these questions in music and me part 4....


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Michael Bolton - All for Love (edited by me)

should be "All for Allah"

Monday, December 10, 2007

music and me part 2

The audition was organised by the seniors who was appointed to select few juniors to be absorbed into the nasyeed team called Soutul Faizin....Soutul Faizin was the great "artiste" among us....i still remembering at that time..i had fully prepared before i went for this audition....memorising the lyrics of the song everyday without fail....drinking tamarind juice....screaming in the pail of water....exercising with the odd disciplines ...and many weird funny rituals..that i believe you do not want to know...

The audition was held in the the way i forget to tell you that i was form 2 at that time....2 ibnu back to the bussiness.."the audition"....i had selected "assolatuwassalam" sung by Raihan feat Ust's pretty easy.... i mean in term of vocal, there are no challenging part in chorus or verse to be sung...yet it is an arabic by hook or by crook....i really need to sound like Arabs......he..he

so....the audition ran well...without any disturbance and fact the song was delivered well by "Simon's comment" but they had just muted......arggghhh it wasn't promising and made me shaking badly..

the result?

i will tell you in the next part; music and me part check it out


Thursday, December 6, 2007

music and me (part 1)

Music used to be part of my life and till now it still affecting my means a lot for me because from it..I have gotten a satisfaction which is difficult to describe and explain...maybe for those who are in the music, they can feel it...

As you can see in my blog,i attached many clip videos which I took from YouTube...Luckily..we have this I can watch my favourite singers sing alive in that clip....all of them are unbelievable ...damn good.

Actually, when I was studying at secondary school (in Ipoh)..i used to attend one audition...basically the purpose of that audition was to choose nasyid members. The trends in my school at that time was of course ...Nasyid Mania....means most students tends , even crazy to listen to this kind of music...

In Team, UNIC, Raihan, The Brothers, were at the top ten...stereo and cassete player were the medium for us to fulfill our "madness".....prefect room will use the big amplifire to let the students to listen to a variety of nasyid songs every evening.

ooh..I should tell you about the want to know?.....make sure you read "music and me part 2" in my next be continued

BRO. bayu

When You Say You Love Me

i'm frozen in time..when you say you love me

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mezzoforte live medley

jazz should "taste" its beauty

Monday, December 3, 2007

K-Ci and Jojo - All My Life

for my brothers and sisters...bro.bayu has something special to you.....all my life by kci and jojo

Mariah Carey (Feat. Boyz II Men) - One Sweet Day

sweet to my - --------------

Manny: Forever More

i love u....(secret name)

let me love u