Monday, November 17, 2008

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brothers and sisters

first of all...
Thank you because you are willing to take efforts to score in my subject ENG 1011. Most of you got A and B for this subject.

Congratulations to all of you because none of my brothers and sisters from PIP 3 failed in this paper. It is so amazing. One of my dream in my life is to see all of my students succeed in their life and believe or not, you are one step ahead.

Thank you to my lovely sweetheart, yoshi for helping me editing this post (hehe..I'm quite blinded technology person). I love you, honey. Brothers and sisters, please pray for the lasting relationship of us.

You are welcomed to comment to this blog, anytime you want. Do not hesitate to drop your ideas and critics to any posts in this blog.

.....I Believe I Can Fly

this song is dedicated to all my students...