Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The title of this post actually reflects the title of my song that I composed recently (In the right way of Islam) and when I was in university ( The Only God). What can I say about 'em are...fantastic. the inspiration which awarded to me by Allah was in the right place, in the right time, to the right person..hehehe (insyallah). I also met a very talented person who gave "soul" to my song "In the right way of Islam". He is Sheedan who is studying at UTM, Skudai. He had arranged the music for my song only one day. What a talented person he is and I guess I will use his service again for my next song; ISLAM=PEACE and "Jalan Kehidupan".
The sweet moment had been carried with "In the right way of Islam" and "the Only God" because for a very first time they was presented to audience and judges during nadwah KPM-KM at MARa College Seremban, the nasyidians of MPCBP won the first runner up in that competition. I had formulated the strength of unison vocal for each of them then combine them with a so - called "all out" technique and we succeded to get second place.
It is so meaningful to me because of two reasons; lack of preparation but we won, the essence of the song which insyallah come from the bottom of my heart. I will explain more about this in the next post in "Especially For You :) My Students. I will also attach the lyrics of "In the right way of Islam" and "The Only God" in the next post.
Bro. Bayu