Monday, February 22, 2010

We never

That's the title of my song in 2010, but unfortunately God says that I wouldn't win for NAdwah by using this song...Alhamdulillah, perhaps it will make me reflect myself...always do the best in everything I do, don't be dissapointed so fast and everthing was fated to my life and I must accept it by saying Alhamdulillah...take a look to the lyrics of this song...


Please don't fight among each other,
Trying to prove you are the winner,
For Islam brings a peaceful life,
Moslems never cheer violence,
We never kill, we never hurt,
we never hit people of the world,
We never beat, we never avenge,
We never hate people of the world,


When you saw a smiling face,
For we have been, we have been blessed,
By the God who really want to give it to us,

We hardly breath in happy space,
That lead us to unanimity,
Later bring us serene days..

Repeat Chorus

Verse / bridge

When you say we are the killers,
You're killing us with no reasons,
Destroying with no hearty sympathy,

You blame us build terrorism,
You've done it to our brothers,
take away the happiness of their families,

Repeat chorus


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