Tuesday, August 12, 2008

...to let you go

This lyric and song is made specially to all my students. Brothers and sisters, please try to understand the expression of our heart as your educator...(bro.bayu)

I held you close within my heart,
tried to surround you,
protecting you, care about you,
with my concern and love.

To keep you safe,
from the darkest side,
from the lies of life,
ensuring you, to hold stronger,
evade the breaking down


letting you go,
setting you free,
like freeing the bird without the wing,
but now i realise, I can't confine you,
your happiness, when I'm without you,
my dismissal will heal your heart,
now I dissapear, to let you live,
Go from my sight, and don't look back,
I wish my prayer is not proved with vain.

I'm hoping,
the tears of joy,
will swap my grief,
to see you breathe,
and to survive,
in the sinister days.

repeat the chorus.

Songs and Lyric are rearranged by: Bro.Bayu
adapted from "...to let you go" by Mr. Joe