Sunday, August 29, 2010

Merdeka: Hati Malaya 1957

This film is very exclusive because it is published and fully supported by do not dream to get a pirated version of this film. Directed by Shuhaimi Baba and known as the most touching film in 2007. Touching? yes, because it succeeded to show to the audience how was hard Tunku wanted British to free Malaya. In other side, the film also showed the major conflict between Tunku and Dato' Onn Jaafar. Well, now I realised why Tunku was awarded "Bapa Kemerdekaan"....I'm bit dissapointed because it just showed that Tunku is the only leader who was struggle for Indepence of Malaya. What about the rest, Dato' Onn, Burhanuddin Helmy, Ibrahim Yaacob and other leaders who categorised as "left wings" leader....

I just view it as part of propaganda to deny some leaders' deeds in our country. It is not professional and intellectual. Some facts of our history need to be corrected so that the new generation know about the real things happaened in this country. The fights between Cikgu Rozhan and Azhari sometimes "menggelikan hati" for it's not natural, failed to show their honesty to get Independent. It's just the struggle to win the girl acted by Maya Karin...then the diffrence of their favuorite leader to gain independence (between Tunku and Dato' Onn) made them to fight in front of warung, showing who's the hero...uwweks..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks.. Prof. Edwin Malachi Vethamani

He said about me and "Enlightment" in his blog at
This is the best moment I ever had being appreciated by my lecturer, Prof. Malachi Edwin Vethamani who taught me the real meaning of becoming a learning educator.....Thanks, Prof!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lagu Puisi?

After my so called patriotic song "Merdekakah Kita?"won for the first place in "Sambutan Kemerdekaan KPM-KM", now i got a new job for minggu bahasa....preparing singer and song for that event in this October. The thing is I never compose any "puisi" song..can anyone help me, figuring out what is puisi song? because I am too 'alien' to this genre...UJ mesti kene tolong I coz die banyak buat puisi..takpun Kak Fida..hmhm khairi takleh kaco coz die sibuk ngan novel Adamariam nyer..hehe