Monday, August 3, 2009

Viruses or the reminder from Allah?

Every 5 years, world will be attacked with new diseases, viruses or 'disasters' that can make people feel panic, shocked, prepared, and frustrated. H1N1 is the most "popular" now. Believe it or not, until August 3rd, there are 8 people has died because of it in Malaysia. Most of them come from Malacca, Selangor and Sarawak. Several schools, colleges and varsities are closed because of its attack. Who did plan this attack?
Terrorist? Politician? Doctors? Entrepeneurs? None of them. The experts say it comes from pig and because of that the symptom is known as swine flu.
Should we blame pigs? They are just a creature that most of people (except Muslims and some people) eat . They give lots of benefits to the country which trade them to other countries (including Malaysia). There must something that can be explained? There must be reasons why the viruses should exist? There must be logical causes why it comes from pig? There must be at least a good opinion why the symptoms only attack human? not to plants, not to other animals. I let the questions to be answered by you because you are human.
I hope that the title of this post might give you some clues or hints, ideas and wisdom, fact and opinion...happy blogging...