Friday, January 1, 2010

Why don't you want to be called "budak sekolah agama"?

I'm proud because I was a student of SMA Izzuddin Shah though some of my friends are not. When I asked them why they did not want to admit that they are the product of the Sekolah Agama called "SIS", they just simply said that because the title of "budak sekolah agama" would make them difficult to socialize with girls, some said it would make other people called them "ustaz" and asked them to lead solah. Besides, some friends claimed that they did not want to be labelled as too "religious" person. My question is "what's wrong with that?" and "Is it the title a misery in your life and make your life abnormal?

After I finished my study at Izzuddin in 2001, I felt like I must to tell people that I'm the product of that school which really taught me what is tarbiyyah,usrah,jemaah and etc. when I entered Matriculation at Kuala Nerang, i missed the environment in Izzuddin like crazy. Teachers in Izzuddin educate us to be "insan" and not only human, "mukmin" rather than "muslim". The motto of the school itself reflects what I'm saying; "to grab the highest honourable achievement" . Islamic environment that i got only in Izzuddin throughout my life so far makes me think "Will I experience this kind of life again?".

Every journey that we start must be ended either well or badly. It is same like myself. My journey as a teenager in this school started in 1997 and ended in 2001. Praise be to Him because I ended my life there with ordinary result in SPM, good rapport with the teachers and friends, and the everlasting good memory although some of my friends and I were not recognised as school prefect for doing right thing...we are fired because we reported about wrongdoings done by our junior; he drank liquor...but our principal got angry because he thought that we might give a bad reputation to our school, religious school...huh