Monday, May 17, 2010

when will they realise?

I always say to my students "Wemust always realise about ourselves; our stupidity, our mistakes, our wrongdoings, our weaknesses and anything negatives about us"

Dare to say that "Aku ni bodoh" for example. So what must we do to not become stupid because stupidity is a negative element yet it can be used to change to better one; positive. In this case, stupid to become smart.

My friend used to say to me that sometimes my words are so harsh. In my point of view, harshness might be the best solution if it can change ourselves positively.

The word "bodoh" definitely is considered so rude in Malay culture. However, do you read Seerah of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)? The moment Gibrail came to him and tried to teach him the first verse of Al-Furqan, Surah Al-Alaq. Gibrail asked him to read that verse three times and what did he say?. He said " I'm stupid and cant read the verse" stupid in arabic could be translated as "Ummi". Our prophet in this situation was willingly to admit that he can't read and he asked Gibrail to teach him.

What is the moral of the story? For me, we must admit our weaknesses and prepare ourselves to improve. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) showed us the best way to become a good Moslem. Masyallah...

In the other hand, people especially Malay moslem do not take this as a good example (perhaps some of them do not or do not want to read seerah of our prophet (Peace be upon him)).

Some of them claimed that they are the smartest, cleverest, all-knowing and so on without noticing that they just a little on what they have learnt.

Once they gain a good grade or maybe just pass an exam for example, they boast that it is the best indicator to say 'I'm the best', "Without teacher, I still can pass my exam", "Nobody cannot object my opinion coz I got doctorate before I said it"


Monday, May 3, 2010

The title of short stories

All these titles of short story are planned to be my next semester project. Besides reading activities, I will use this compilation as part of our drama presentation for Preparatory Intensive Programme (PIP). I wish I could finish producing them in the end of this June, 2010. Insyallah...

1) They Do Not Belong Here

2) The Journey to Dungun

3) His Pure Serban

4) For His Nasi Kerabu

5) Black or White

6) Markonah

7) Her puppy love

8) As Fisherman at Kuala Sepetang

9) Addicted

10) My Dear Blog