Sunday, June 13, 2010

Published or Not?

This dilemma has encompassed myself since last month (May) how should I published my short stories..contacting several publisher who refused to work with me coz I know my short stories are not marketable in Malaysia..or maybe they do not achieve the standard quality publishers want...

I have called my lecturer, Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan, asking to get his advice...he still keep on revising my short story and will email me in a shortwhile. Prof. Edwin gives a full support upon this work eventhough it is very difficult for us to use our own literary works in class that we teach.

I can actually self-published it but I want to do it by using proper channel; through publisher. Silverfish Books, Ammeen Bookstore, Saba Islamic Media are the publisher that I tried to use their service and for the sake of the copywright of my works but some of them refused totally my works, and some still didn't reply my email.

However I really appreciate the comment I got from Zaipa Ibrahim, a Malaysian Writer who is now established in US and she's known with her famous novel based on Malaysia ..- The Gift-..she gave a very positive comment when replying my email...really inspiring and aspiring, motivating and full of sincerity

"If you write, then you are a writer Just waiting for the right time to get published in the literary world, insyaAllah. I only managed to read through one of your short stories – the serban. You are doing a good job. It reminded me of when I first penned down a short story back in high school. Keep polishing your writings and who knows you’ll become a published writer one day."Zaipah Ibrahim
Auhor of “The Gift”

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