Thursday, December 27, 2007

Music and me part 5

we meet again..where was I?

oh "music" life at matriculation....well.... i play a role as a main vocalist in the nasyid group here...even though ..i got no experience (forget about the lousy audition...) but maybe there were no students who dare to show their talent...i still remember the first nasyid song that i sang at that time was "Selawat ke atas Nabi" by In Team....

i wasn't sure I had sung well or not because nobody comment about it....but one thing i always remember is..once i become a is like a big responsibility was burdening myself at that time.....i have to become a very kind, polite boy....every mistakes that i did even though it was a small issue and matter would be viewed as something that cannot be forgiven...

I needed to accept it...i have started life as a nasyid singer....and i won't stop just because of that challenge....The steps that i had been taken made a gateway to next level of my life in the varsity, UPM.........



Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum bro
you love us sooooo much
don't you
as you wrote there
esspecially for you
my sTUdENt
we love you too
i love music as well
the ones that very easy-listening,
and i enjoy nasyid as well
they are songs towards Allah
and they are incredibly calming
i play piano
and soon to play violin, insyaAllah
do you play any instrument?

fAdLi9193 said...

Yana is my girlfriend..
she always make me happy and she always smile to me..
I feel shy because I don't want to tell everyone about my special ladies in my life..but my mom is very special more than her..