Monday, December 10, 2007

music and me part 2

The audition was organised by the seniors who was appointed to select few juniors to be absorbed into the nasyeed team called Soutul Faizin....Soutul Faizin was the great "artiste" among us....i still remembering at that time..i had fully prepared before i went for this audition....memorising the lyrics of the song everyday without fail....drinking tamarind juice....screaming in the pail of water....exercising with the odd disciplines ...and many weird funny rituals..that i believe you do not want to know...

The audition was held in the the way i forget to tell you that i was form 2 at that time....2 ibnu back to the bussiness.."the audition"....i had selected "assolatuwassalam" sung by Raihan feat Ust's pretty easy.... i mean in term of vocal, there are no challenging part in chorus or verse to be sung...yet it is an arabic by hook or by crook....i really need to sound like Arabs......he..he

so....the audition ran well...without any disturbance and fact the song was delivered well by "Simon's comment" but they had just muted......arggghhh it wasn't promising and made me shaking badly..

the result?

i will tell you in the next part; music and me part check it out


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